Investment & Trade

Open international trade and investment are important fundamentals and key drivers for achieving global economic growth that is environmentally and socially sustainable, increasing economic welfare in the long run.


Left: Dr. Henry Jacoby, MIT, serves as an “issue framer” for the Low Carbon Economy panel at the Washington Dialogue, October 2011


Building a sustainable economy will require huge investments in low-carbon technologies such as advanced power plants of all types, smart grids, energy efficient manufacturing, equipment, appliances, buildings and transport. Having the right investment framework in place should be an overarching priority for green growth.

Right: Justin Perrettson, Novozymes, speaks about low carbon solutions at the Tokyo Dialogue on April 4.


All countries will benefit from the establishment of supportive investment frameworks and market conditions that encourage promising investments.  These investments will also assist in dealing with other global challenges, such as food security, health, water, energy security and development.

Photo Below: Some of the panelists on the “Policy Instruments” panel at the Paris Dialogue, November 2011. Left to Right: Emmanuel Massetti, Yale; Chris Lenon, Rio Tinto; Matt Haskins, PricewaterhouseCoopers; Hanni Rosenbaum, BIAC.


Left: Initial comments to Dr. Jacoby’s presentation from Francesca Costantino, US Department of Energy. Moderated by Dick Morgenstern, RFF (left), October 2011.




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