The PARIS Dialogue: November 14, 2011

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The 2nd Green Economies Dialogue took place in Paris on November 14 and was hosted by the Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC) to the OECD. The Paris Dialogue drew on the work on green growth carried out by the OECD and actively engaged representatives from different parts of the Organisation. Specific sessions focused on:

  • green growth for development and job creation;
  • policy instruments;
  • energy;
  • and resource efficiency.

Opening Remarks were made by Tadahiro Asami, BIAC; Norine Kennedy, USCIB; Simon Upton, OECD. Norine Kennedy (below)

Sessions were then introduced by presentations of key academics, followed by reactions from experts from business, national governments and international organisations as well as an interactive discussion with all participants around the table.

 Photo above: Participants on the “Policy Instruments” Panel (left to right): Dr. Emanuele Massetti, Yale University and FEEM; Chris Lenon, Rio Tinto plc; Matthew Haskins, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC); Hanni Rosenbaum, BIAC; Norine Kennedy, USCIB; Brian Flannery, Exxon Mobil Corporation.
Photo right: Tadahiro Asami, BIAC’s Secretary General with Hanni Rosenbaum, BIAC and Brian P. Flannery, Exxon Mobil Corporation.




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