Special Edition of Energy Economics

The Green Perspectives papers are now available  in the journal Energy Economics (Elsevier) as well as here on our website (see below for list of papers and links).  The editors of Energy Economics appointed a selection committee to identify and recruit authors for the project.  The editors utilized their normal review process to assure quality and integrity of final papers. We are pleased to now also share with you  the Summaries and Highlights of the papers.

The following papers have passed through peer review and will be published in the journal Energy Economics. Please check back here in mid-November to access the papers.


Brian P. Flannery, Chair of the International Business Green Economies Dialogue project; member of the selection committee.


Richard Schmalensee, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: From “Green Growth” to Sound Policies: An Overview

Carlo Carraro, Alice Favero, Emanuele Massetti, University of Venice and Yale University: Investments and Public Finance in a Green, Low Carbon, Economy

Mark A. Cohen, Michael P. Vandenbergh, Vanderbilt University and Resources for the Future: The Potential Role of Carbon Labeling in a Green Economy

Paul Collier, Anthony J. Venables, Oxford University: Greening Africa? Technologies, Endowments and the Latecomer Effect

Richard N. Cooper, Harvard University: Financing for Climate Change

Jae Edmonds, Kate Calvin, Leon Clarke, Page Kyle, Marshall Wise, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Joint Global Change Research Institute: Energy and Technology Lessons Since Rio

Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Manhattan Institute: The Elusive and Expensive Green Job

Adele C. Morris, Pietro S. Nivola, Charles L. Schultze, The Brookings Institution: Clean Energy: Revisting the Challenges of Industrial Policy

Erica L. Plambeck, Stanford Graduate School of Business: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Operations and Supply Chain Management

John Reilly, MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change: Green Growth and the Efficient Use of Natural Resources

For more information on the authors, please visit the “Authors” page for  authors’ bios.