GED Phase 2

The 2nd phase of the Green Economies Dialogue project (GED2) will direct its focus to “green economy” and “green growth” aspects of the U.N.’s Post 2015 Development Agenda and related UNEP and OECD efforts.

Based on early indications in the Post 2015 Development Agenda and stocktaking events with OECD and UNEP, the Green Economies Dialogue has identified potential new areas for additional academic peer reviewed Perspectives papers including in areas of:

  • trade and green growth;
  • finance and investment for public and private sector actions for green growth;
  • metrics, measurement and sustainability reporting associated with green growth policies.

On the development issues at the heart of these linked deliberations, we see an opportunity to reframe and inform the discussion to reflect and respond to both the wide spectrum of economic circumstances of developing countries and the important contribution of private sector investment and commercial activity to poverty eradication and sustainable livelihoods.  The consideration of new partnerships and enabling frameworks to leverage private sector knowhow, financial resources and technologies for development will figure prominently in the U.N. Post 2015 Development Agenda discussions and other related deliberations.

Ideas have also emerged for initial dialogues as the scope and focus of inter-governmental deliberations efforts become clearer in coming months.

Stay tuned to our web site for information and updates on SDGs, the Post 2015 Development Agenda and the next phase of the Green Economies Dialogue.

Background on GED1