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July 30, 2012: Letter to the Editor by Norine Kennedy, USCIB, New York Times, Our Energy Choices and Climate Change

July 11, 2012: Column by Peter Robinson and Norine Kennedy, USCIB, The Hill’s Congress Blog, What we learned at the G20 and Rio Summits

June 28, 2012: Column by Norine Kennedy, USCIB,, The Business Scorecard from Rio+20

June 28, 2012: Responding to Climate Change (RTCC): Was Business the Real Winner at Rio+20?

June 26, 2012: Column by Matt Haskins, PwC, The Guardian, Sparking Greener Economic Growth

June 25, 2012: Blog Post Response by Matt Haskins, PwC, National Journal, Energy Experts Blog: Tax Reform: What’s at stake for energy?

June 19, 2012: Column by Norine Kennedy, USCIB,, The business voice in Rio: Is anyone listening?

June 15, 2012: Column by Norine Kennedy, USCIB,, What’s in it for business at Rio+20.

November 8, 2011, Green Growth: Getting the Policies Right: Green Economies Dialogue project to spur discussion and research on policies for environmentally friendly innovation, jobs and trade in global markets

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