Beijing (March 21, 2012) & Tokyo (April 4, 2012)

BEIJING Dialogue & USCIB China Committee

  • Presentation by Keynote Speaker Dr Zhou Hongchun
  • Presentation by Joerg Wuttke, Chief Representative, China, BASF- The Chemical Company  
  • Presentation by Raphael Schoentgen, GDF Suez

The March 21st dialogue featured a keynote address from one of the Chinese  government’s leading advisors and experts on green industry development policy, including structural adjustment, “circular economy” promotion, and industrial energy efficiency.  Additionally, the keynote speaker was joined by a diverse panel of industry experts and representatives from China, the US, and the EU, as well as a representative from the OECD.  Representatives from the China Enterprise Confederation (CEC) as well as ICC China (CCOIC) were also present.

Right: Annegrethe Sylvest Jakobsen, Novozymes

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Zhou Hongchun, Professor; Director of the Department of Social Development Research Center (DRC) of the State Council. Dr. Zhou is a leading Chinese expert on green economy and growth, and has an extensive international academic and policy background, including participation in international projects for UNEP, World Bank, UNDP, and WWF.  The DRC of the State Council is a state agency responsible for policy research, strategic review and consulting of issues related to the economic and social development in China.

Left: Keynote Speaker, Dr. Zhou Hongchun speaks at Beijing Dialogue in March 2012.

Left: USCIB President & CEO Peter Robinson  greets Dr. Zhou Hongchun. Mr. Robinson is joined by Tad Ferris, Holland & Knight and Chair of USCIB’s China Committee (right). Jeffrey Blount, Fulbright & Jaworski LLP and Jianmei Feng, General Electric .

TOKYO Dialogue:

Above (left to right): Hiroyuki Tezuka,  JFE Steel Co.; Professor James Sweeney, Stanford University; Hanni Rosenbaum, BIAC; Ambassador Kenji Hiramatsu, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Norine Kennedy, USCIB; Brian Flannery, Chair International Green Economies Dialogue.

Keidanren, BIAC’s Japanese member organisation, hosted the Tokyo Green Economy Dialogue on April 4, 2012. The Tokyo Dialogue brought together over 80 participants from international business and government as well as key academic experts to engage in a constructive discussion on opportunities and challenges in realizing a green economy. The conference highlighted a series of business

                                      Below: Keiro Kitagami, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

 initiatives that make a pro-active contribution to sustainable development, including on the role of innovation and technology in building a sustainable society on a global scale.

  • Japan’s Position and Priority Areas regarding Sustainable Development
  • Presentation by Brian P. Flannery, Chair Green Economies Dialogue Project on “Towards a Low Carbon Society”
  • Presentation by Professor Emeritus Ryokichi Hirono, Seikei University
  • Presentation by Mie Kitano, Procter & Gamble
  • Presentation by Justin Perrettson, Senior Advisor, Public Affairs, Novozymes: “Novozymes and Low Carbon Solutions”
  • Presentation by Masahiro Sakane, Vice Chairman, Keidanren: “The Japanese Business Community’s Initiatives Towards Sustainable Development”
  • Presentation by Atsushi Suginaka, Ph. D, Director, Global Environment Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan: “Rio+20: State of Negotiation for the Outcome Document”
  • Presentation by Yoshiaki Tojo, New Energy & Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO): “Japanese Solutions for ‘Green Growth'”
  • Presentation by Scott Williams, Sustainability Network Leader, PwC Japan: “Systems Rethink: Internalising externalities to drive the sustainable development transformation”

Right: Masahiro Sakane, Vice Chairman of Keidanren speaks on the Japanese Business Community’s Initiatives towards Sustainable Development. Mr. Sakane’s presentation can be viewed here
Right: Professor Emeritus Ryokichi Hirono of Seikei University speaks on “The Role Expected of the Business Community Towards a Low Carbon Society & Sustainable Development.”
Below: Norine Kennedy of USCIB  gives a presentation on “Implications for Rio+20”

Below: Scott Williams, Sustainability Network Leader, PwC Japan gives his presentation on  “Internalising Externalities to Drive the Sustainable Development Transformation”.

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