GED Phase 1

In its first phase, the Green Economies Dialogue (GED1) developed information, tools and a platform for business to engage with national governments, thought leaders, academics and others on the way to Rio+20. These included both convening dialogue events in Washington, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo and Brasilia, and inviting a set of peer-reviewed papers published in Energy Economics that provided academic Green Perspectives on many business-relevant issues.

Through BIAC, GED1 provided input to OECD on green growth and sustainable development, which built on the 2011 OECD Green Growth Strategy and marked the start of OECD’s longer term agenda to support national and international efforts to achieve green growth, helping countries to foster economic growth and development while ensuring that natural assets continue to provide necessary resources and environmental service.

GED1 products, networks and activities for engagement provide an evergreen platform for business to build on to participate in and contribute to Post 2015 Development discussions.